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Editiorial Concept

DIE WELT Online is the premium news portal of the WELT group. It is produced by the largest worldwide onlinemultimedia digital editing in Germany. Readers are informed quickly and comprehensively about all news, developments and backgrounds - and this multimedia in word, photo, video andaudio – directly by the ultra-modernintegrated newsroom in the capital Berlin.


In addition to extensive coverage in the main editorial sections of politics, business, money, sports and panorama. DIE WELT Online offers a various knowledge and entertainment sections from the fields travelling, motor, culture and games.

DIE WELT Online is the farthest-reaching digital offer of a quality newspaper in Germany and one of the largest news portals in the country. The WELT Group owns the largest integrated newspaper and online editors in Germany (about 400 editors working in the newsroom at the heart of the capital).

The archive search of DIE WELT Online is another service component - here you can almost 1million products since 1995 to fall back.

DIE WELT as a brand is characterized by innovation and user interaction. DIE WELT is also represented on all devices with standalone products as in all relevant social networks. We see ourselves as an open partner for our readers and advertisers with innovative marketing concepts, advertising and cross-media concepts.

Target Group

  • 60% men
  • 65% are between 20 and 49 years
  • 35 % have a NI of € 2,000 and more
  • 41% have a NHI of € 3,000 and more
  • 46% have a high level of education*
  • 19% belong to the professional decision-makers (FSLAB**)

* at least university-entrance exam

** Freelancers, self-employed, executives and civil servants

Source: AGOF internet facts 2014-11, base: internet user 14 years and above: 52,79 m., Ø-month

Key Data (per month)

  • Unique users*:                  9.56 million
  • Visits**:                                45.736.478
  • Page Impressions**:      144.447.737

* Source: AGOF internet facts 2014-11, single month, base: 10+ year, single month

** Source: IVW January 2015

Rates and Forms of Advertising

The rate for the placement of advertising media is calculated from the CPM of the desired advertising forms and the number of ad impressions (AIs).

Example for Rate Calculation
Number of ad impressions (AIs) 100,000
Format 728 x 90 Super Banner
Placement Homepage
CPM 40 €
Calculation 100,000 * 40 / 1000
Costs 4,000 €

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Clemens Meran

Clemens Meran
Head of Marketing Digital Media

Axel-Springer-Str. 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 76880


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