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The leading print-based general interest portal


Editorial Concept is the leading print-based general interest portal and stands for passionate BILD journalism on the Internet. The most important and modern news-and-entertainment portal offers exciting contents around the clock: top up-to-date information, sports reports, lifestyle reports and news from the world of the celebrities.

  • Innovative design, high degree of  usability
  • Modern video portal and video archive
  • Extensive photo galleries
  • User-generated content through the BILD Reader Reporter

In addition to information and entertainment, our portal offers you an ideal advertising environment, depending on the target group in an appropriate category or as an image-and-branding transfer with our strong online brands. For example, on the homepage.
In addition to classic forms of banner advertising, we offer many special forms of advertising, homepage events and opportunities for advertorials, mobile and moving images – an ideal environment for your eye-catching advertising presence.

News is the first news portal in Germany to connect with the world’s largest social network. In the log-in area, now offers Facebook Connect. This allows Facebook users to easily log in with their community access data at so that they can write commentaries, discuss in the forum and upload photos and videos – without having to register again.

The highlight: users can automatically let the community participate in their activities.

Target Group

  • 57% are men
  • 66% of the users are 20 to 49 years old
  • 42% have a high level of education (at least university-entrance exam)
  • 62% have a NHI of € 2,000 and more

Source: AGOF internet facts 2015-04, base Ø-month, basis 14 years and above, Onliner: 52.79 Mio UU

Key Data

  • Unique User*: 15.90 Mio.
  • Visits**: 183,854,870
  • Page Impressions**: 1,347,497,520

*Source: AGOF internet facts 2015-04, single month, basis:10 years and above
**Source: IVW May 2015

Rates and Forms of Advertising

The rate for the placement of advertising media is calculated from the CPM of the desired advertising forms and the number of ad impressions (AIs).

The rate for the placement of advertising media is calculated from the CPM of the desired advertising forms and the number of ad impressions (AIs).

Example for price calculation
Number of ad impressions (AIs) 100,000
Format 728 x 90 Super Banner
Placement category
CPM € 40
Calculation 100,000 * 40 / 1000
Costs € 4,000

Contact for national campaigns

Stefan Mölling

Stefan Mölling
General Manager Marketing BILD- und WELT-Gruppe | Regionale Medien

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72007


All important facts and information at one glance:

Chief Editor

Julian Reichelt


Donata Hopfen, Ralf Hermanns

Editorial Department

BILD digital GmbH & Co. KG  

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin 

Phone: +49 30 25910